Sunday, 12 January 2014

Of migraine and frustration

Saints preserve us! What a week!

Week in review - 

As the title suggests I've had a migraine or a headache most days this week and it's left me feeling "off". Not unwell or anything I can put my finger on. Just off. 

Because of this it's not been a week of huge progress. This is where the frustration side of the title comes in. 

When I've had the motivation to knit, I've not had enough concentration to do a good enough job. And, well, when I've not that the motivation, nothing at all got done! So I can only hope that this next week sees some kind of improvement in my knitting mojo levels. 

School went back on Monday. Both boys are back in the swing of things now. Because Matthew travels to the station by bike and the weather's been so foul, I've been taking him in the car. It's strange that just that little bit of change in my routine can throw me out. I usually get to work early, somewhere between 3/4 and an hour before the pharmacy opens. This gives me time to tidy up loose ends, put the kettle on and sometimes get a couple of rows of knitting in to soothe my brain. Because dropping Matthew off eats into that time, my pre-work knitting has suffered. I wonder if that has contributed to that "off"-ness I've been feeling?

And because school is back, that means swimming club is back too. I'm back to teaching my 5 sessions. This first week is always the hardest I think. It's a trial to get back into the rhythm of things. I soooo don't want to go, but when I'm there it's just as much fun. It amuses me how the kids' swimming slips with just a 2 week break. Happy days. 

Feeling the love - 

This week I've concentrated on Mara's mitts. I'd finished the first one by knit night and got Mara to try it on. As I mentioned last week, I was concerned about the fit. I increased a bit too quickly for the arm, knit it straight until almost the end, and then decreased again for the last few rows just to get a snug fit on the cast off edge. As it turns out, Mara loved that mitt and it fit great. Snag was it took some doing to get her to part with it at the end of the night! Sadly the second ball of the Katia Darling was as irritating as the first. I still found breaks and clumsy joins. *sigh*. But they're now an FO. I'll give them to her on Tuesday. 

Next on my hit list was the peacock shawl from my KAL. It's been sat on my work box in my beautiful yarn bowl for a week unloved. Or at least I thought it had had no attention. I came to work on it last night and I discovered that someone had given it some attention. That someone hasn't owned up yet, but I suspect that one of my cats had decided to play with my gorgeous project! I started to knit and as I ran the working yarn through my fingers, I noticed that it the yarn felt strangely crispy. Almost as though it had been sucked! Blah. Then I discovered that, not content with making the yarn all nasty and sucked, the evil animal had actually chewed through the yarn! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! So last night I ripped it out, decided it couldn't save the manky bit and cast on afresh. I had 2 goes at getting started and gave up. It seems like my heart wasn't in it. I kept losing my place in the chart and making silly mistakes. I gave it up as a bad job and went to bed to read. 

I'm still ploughing through The Casual Vacancy. I can't say that I'm enjoying it yet. I won't be defeated by it, but I'm hoping that the story will start soon and grip me. Right now, I'm definitely not gripped! But that might be because I've had little or no reading mojo either this week. 

So here I am on Sunday morning. My knitting morning. The boys are still in bed and I cast on the peacock shawl........ again! I've made good progress. I've put in stitch markers this time at the border and centre stitches. It's helping no end. Lord knows why I thought knitting without them would be a cunning plan. It's so much easier to track back and work out where I am in the pattern now. 

On the horizon - 

I now have 2 'at home' projects.  I have my peacock shawl and I have the Gansey socks which have felt no love at all this week. Of the 2, I think the socks will be TV knitting as I proved last night that lace and TV aren't a good combination for me at the moment. I need to cast on a mobile project. It will probably be a pair of socks. Or maybe a hat. We'll see. I'll have a rummage through my stash and see what takes my fancy. 

I really want to spend some time spinning to. Whenu sits looking woefully at me. She needs to feel the love!  This week. This week I will spin. Honestly! Hopefully!

What are you guys up to?    

Have a good week 

Ellen x