Sunday, 6 April 2014

Addendum - notes on a dog walk

It's 9 o'clock and it's dark now. The dog needs a walk and it's my turn. 

I've got my equipment. I'm eternally grateful for it being dark and I'm unlikely to meet anyone. I'm wearing a particularly attractive head torch and I'm armed with my trusty octopi project bag with my red onion socks inside

I don't really need the torch other than to check I haven't dropped a stitch. I can see where I'm going; the half moon is bright tonight despite the odd cloud in the sky. The brightest stars and planets shine out despite the clouds' best efforts. 

As I set off the air is quiet. The birds are asleep and all I hear is the crunch of my feet on the gravel. I can hear Murphy walking with me. His feet are silent but his name tags tinkle on his collar. 
We are joined quickly by 3 of our cats. I can't hear them, but their eyes reflect in my torch light. I know they'll only go so far with us before their territory runs out. 

We turn off the gravel track onto the Tarmac lane which leads through farmland to the nearest road. Even my feet quiet now, and I can hear my needles click. The slightest breath of wind rustles the trees. In the distance I hear a quiet hum of traffic from the motor way. The wind must be from the east tonight. 

I walk down the lane, occasionally stopping to check the dog is still with me. He's easily distracted by smells! I pass a lambing field. The new mums call their lambs to them as they sense me pass. 

As I walk by a laming shed I hear the restless ewes pacing. 

I love spring.