Sunday, 4 May 2014

WIP crack away, WIP crack away, WIP crack away!!!!


I'm writing to you later than usual today. I've had a busy morning. 

I've been out for a swim this morning. I took Ben with me and we managed to swim 1000m. We practiced our dives and tumble turns. It's been a while for me, but once the muscle memory kicked back in all was well. I think I did ok. Ben is now quicker than me. He took great delight in catching my feet. We'll see if he can keep catching me as my fitness improves. At the moment, there are corpses out there with better fitness levels than me! 

I'm back on the slimming wagon. Day 1. I'll keep you posted, but don't worry, this isn't about to become my diet diary!

Also today I knit a special little something I'd like to share with you. There is a website I'd like to direct you to. It's a worthy cause and one worth supporting and promoting. The Little Yellow Duck Project aims to encourage people to become blood, bone marrow and organ donors. If you go to the site you can find patterns for crochet, knitted and sewn ducks. The idea is you leave a duck somewhere for someone to take home and love. Each duck has a label on asking the finders to register their duck on the website. This is a global campaign and it would be lovely if some of you guys thought it was one worth helping. 

I knit a duck this morning. And I left it on a table in the leisure centre when Ben and I went swimming.

By the time we came out an hour later it had gone. I hope Jennie the duck has found a lovely new home and is put on the map! I bought a 100g ball of lemon yellow yarn and I'm thinking I'll make a duck a week and leave it somewhere until my yarn runs out. I wonder how many that will make. 

In other charitable news, I've just signed up to do the Hospice From Home Midnight Walk again this year. On Friday 6th June at midnight I will be walking around Penrith knitting socks. Those socks will be raffled again to raise money for the hospice. Last year just the socks raised about £70. I'd like to beat that this year. Fingers crossed. 

Feeling the love - 

As the title suggests, this week I have mainly been finishing WIP's. The red onion socks where first to feel my wrath. 

The stripes don't quite match, but they're not that far off the pair looks mismatched either. I love the fit and the colours. I knit these on 2.25mm circular needles and I think I must be knitting tighter. I've not got nearly as much yarn left over a I usually do from a ball of Opal. I haven't made them longer than usual. Who knows, maybe I had a light ball. 

I also finished the log cabin blanket. Towards the end I was definitely playing yarn chicken! I wanted to finish the edge with single rows of trebles, I got 3/4 of the way around with the blue and ran out! So I had to rip it back. I thought I'd do doubles instead, but I didn't like the fabric it made. Third time was a charm and I settled on half trebles. I ran out of blue a few stitches before the end of the round, but what the heck, it's only for me and I don't mind. I think I've got maybe 10 yards of the green and purple left and that's it. 

Please ignore the dandilions! I will cut the grass soon - ish!!

I'm now back working on Hana Hou. I'm progressing upwards on the back heading for the arm holes. It's a lovely knit. I can't wait to be able to wear it. If my desire to finish WIP's continues, it may be sooner rather than later. 

The peacock shawl also had a couple of rows added to it. There's not a whole lot of point showing you as lace looks like nothing on earth while it's on the needles doesn't it?

Whenu has seen some action too. Last night I just had to spin. I made good progress and I'm now into the green section of the batt. I'm still enjoying the spin. The fibre is a dream. So soft and well prepared! 
I'm hoping to finish it soon. 

The question is, so I spin the orange half of the set next or finish up the logwood BFL? Decisions!

On the horizon- 

I'm starting to get REALLY excited now. Camp Aloha Friends draws ever closer. If you haven't decided to come to camp this summer I implore you to think about it. Mel from Single Handed Knits podcast has put in so much work to ensure we have a great summer. There's loads to learn and create. You can make your own bitters, learn how to tatt, dabble in flower pressing, there's paper and fabric crafts to investigate. There's even knitting and crochet. What more can you want?  Mel says there are still a couple of suitcases left, but get in there quick as they won't be available for long. If you fancy mooching around and finding your own supplies, you can sign up to be a day camper like me. 

I can't wait to meet new folk and expand my horizons!
Camp starts on June 25th. Squee!!

On the horizon - 

Aside from getting stupidly excited about camp and not forgetting Woolfeat, I'd like to continue with my WIP crunching

Hana Hou is at the top of my hit list. 

Next is the logwood BFL 

Close behind is the blessed peacock shawl ......... still!

Then, I've got a yearning for stripy socks!

Have a great week guys

Ellen x