Friday, 16 January 2015

The end of the challenge.

So, for the last 2 weeks I've been taking part in Teapigs Matcha Challenge.

The challenge is simple - have a dose of Matcha Green Tea every day for a fortnight and see how you feel. 

I have done just that. 

What is green tea powder? 

It is the whole powdered green tea leaf. By drinking the whole leaf you're getting all the goodness of that leaf. It's not like drinking a tea made from a tea leaf were you drink some caffeine, some flavonoids, tannins and some other bits and bobs, you get all the goodies the plant has stored in those leaves.

Teapigs matcha tea is made from high quality Japanese green tea leaves. 

Because you're drinking the whole tea leaf you aren't going to make a clear tea you might imagine. You are effectively making a suspension. The mouthfeel is different to a normal cuppa. 

As you'll know if you read last week's matcha post, you'll know that I really did not get on with hot or cold matcha. Having said that, it's s very personal thing. I know of 3 people who love matcha shots. Straight up. 

That's not for me! 

I LOVE matcha in juice. I've tried lots of different juices over the last couple of weeks, and I love it!!

My juicer had been the best investment I've made in a long while. It's seen plent of action too. 

So far my favourite is my trusty apple, carrot and orange juice.

The only snag with adding matcha is it does turn your lovely orange coloured juice into a very dodgy brown sludge colour. 

What are my results? 

The packet says that it might help me feel sprightly. 



I don't I think I've been sprightly EVER!!

I'm a big girl who is idle at heart. I can't honestly say that matcha has increased my energy levels. In fairness there are probably more energetic corpses around! ;-)

So have I felt any difference for my matcha daily dose? Yes. I have

Another claim on the packaging is that matcha realises energy slowly over up to four hours. 

I can confirm that drinking matcha in the morning has curbed my appetite. I'm usually starving by 10:30 regardless of what our whether I've eaten. But now, I'm hungry at lunchtime. 

I'm going to try a second dose with my lunch and see how I go in the afternoon. I'll not me drinking matcha passed lunchtime though. It's quite high in caffeine, and I can well do without sleepless nights!

In conclusion, will I be spending my own hard earned cash on match green tea? Yup! You bet I will. I'm enjoying the juices and I think in the long run matcha might help me with my weight loss. 

I'd like to thank the guys at Teapigs for the opportunity to try their tea. 

I'd also like to ask them to save me a pot! I'm putting my order in shortly

Don't forget. If you fancy trying Matcha for yourself, you can save 20% with the code MATCHA15