Saturday, 13 April 2013

It is done!

Saturday 13th

As weeks go, it's been uneventful. The return to work was less painful than I'd imagined.  The only big thing that happened was that I got back onto the diet train.

Those of you who've read the blog from the start will see that one of my aims for this year was to lose some weight. I know I'm a quarter of the way through the year, but better late than never yes?

So, I'm following Weight Watchers on line. I usually like to go to a group, but the local meetings don't fit into my work schedule, so I'm using the Internet instead. So far it's gone OK, but Sunday is my weigh in day, so I'll see what the results are tomorrow.

Those of you out there who are also on the train to better health and fitness, feel free to comment and we can all help each other along the way!

Most of the week has seen me getting to grips with a new eating regime. I've tried to increase my exercise. So far I've swam 3 times. I was hoping to go today but my parents have been up visiting and once they'd set off home, the pool was shut for private hire! Anyway, I'm definitely going tomorrow.

On to crafting

FO's -

As you can tell by the title, the Evenstar is finished and wending it's way back to the Wirral with my mum.  It's dawned on me as I'm writing this, that I didn't get around to taking a decent photo of it! Doh!!! Here is a photo of it blocking on Thursday night

This truely doesn't to it justice. Next time I'm down at my mum's I'll take some decent photos and update my Ravelry project page.  I have to say, that it's taken some doing to give it away. It's so lovely. I have decided to cast on another though.  I'm aiming to find some new yarn at Woolfest in June.

I also didn't post a photo of my Ullswater shawl last week so here it is -

The top photo is a good representation of the true colour. I wore it to work yesterday as a kerchief around my neck. It's still chilly around these parts and it was lovely close to my skin. I was worried it may be a little scratchy because the yarn was over spun in places.

WIP's -

Since I cast off the Evenstar on Thursday night I've been working on the Inspira cowl. I've heavily modified the original pattern to make it fit a person with my ample frame! I also wanted it to be able to be worn over my head without being too wide at the top, so I've included extra decreases to make it fit more snugly around the head and neck.  I'm nearly up to the first decrease now.  I'm enjoying the knit. It's the first time I've used a single ply yarn. I'm using Superba poems, it's a lovely yarn, thick and thin in places, and the colour changes are making the pattern. I've never really done well with colour work pieces, but during this knit I've taught myself to knit with 2 yarns at the same time. I usually 'throw' the yarn with my right hand, but now I can do that with the contrast colour and 'pick' the yarn with my left. It's speeding up the knit no end. As well as that, it's given me the confidence to try fair isle. I'm not sure I'm up to a full cardie with steeks yet, but I'm seriously considering using colour work as an accent!

Other things on the needles are two socks. The first is a sock pattern I'm designing. I've been working on the sample on and off for months. I'm hoping that now my time isn't being absorbed by the Evenstar I can get some progress done on it.  The second sock is a vanilla sock, nothing special. I cast on the toe last weekend, when I thought I might be going to the cinema. As it is, I didn't go and I've done maybe 2 rounds while I was waiting for Ben to get changed after swimming last night.

Spinning -
None! In my defence, I've been focused on the Evenstar for most of the week. Hopefully Whenu and I will make progress this weekend.

Goals for next week -

Spin! Please lord!
Make progress on the Inspira cowl
Lose 2lb!

Have a great week guys!