Sunday, 7 April 2013

The end is nigh

Do not fear trusted readers!

You shouldn't need to duck and cover just yet (Kim Jong Un not withstanding!) I'm talking about the Evenstar.  But more about that later.

I've had a week off on holiday this last week and its been hectic. I may have to go back to work for a rest. And that's saying something!

I've been to Hull visiting good friends, I've been to the Wirral visiting my parents and also my good friend who is a newbie knitter.

All this travel has given me a lot of time to knit on the car journeys. Is a good 2 hour trip to Hull and I rattled through a healthy number of repeats on the Evenstar border done. While in Hull it was great catching up with our friends. It's scary to see how quickly our kids are growing up. After a visit to The Deep which is large aquarium attraction on the bank of the River Humber it was time to set off home. Another 2 hour journey, but this time I could happily work on another project without guilt because I ran out of beads for the Evenstar.

I also had the chance to visit a yarn store. Black Sheep Wools is a great place. I found it tricky to find what I was looking for as I couldn't figure out how the store was organised. The same brand of yarn was in more than one place. I couldn't find any signage to direct me to weights of yarn. That said, it was great to wander aimlessly and revel in so much lovely yarn under one roof. I may have madesome  purchases!

In my defence, one of those bags isn't mine!

So onto crafty things - 

FO's - 
I have TWO! 

As I said, I ran out of beads for the Evenstar. I ordered more on line, but with the Bank Holiday weekend, they didn't arrive until Thursday. So on the journey home I cast on a new hat. I took a skein  my pen pal gave to me for Christmas. It's a gorgeous alpaca called Swizzle and it was a dream to knit.  I made the Beret de printemps. It's a good pattern, I did an extra pattern repeat to give a more slouchy look. I still have a about 40 yards left so I think I'll use it as an accent on some mittens.

My other half took the photo, and I don't think he really wanted to. Can you tell by the quality of the photo?

My second FO is the Ullswater shawl. I cast it off this evening and its blocking on my floor as I write. I'm happy with the result. Other than my fingerless mittens, it's the first thing I've knitted with my half decent hand spun. As I knitted it I discovered just how overspun it was in places. But I think it was the second skein I'd ever spun on a wheel so I'm happy on the whole. 

WIP's - 
My only WIP has gone back to the Evenstar. Mum's birthday waits for no man! So I'm hoping that when I write next week it will be finished. 

Spinning - 
I actually spun yesterday! I loved it. It's so calming. I'm still working on the Dark Wings from Nunoco. Hopefully, when the Evenstar is off the needles I can spin more. 

Goals for next week - 

Finish the Evenstar and pick a languishing WIP to work on. 

Have a great week guys.