Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

The week has been bedlam at work. Easter seems to creep up on folk and surprise them.  We're shut for a long weekend this weekend, 4 days in total. I think we've had to cram 8 days work into 4 not 5 days! I'm definitely ready for a restful break.

We're visiting good friends in Hull over the Easter weekend. So, today (Good Friday) I'm doing house work so that Saturday I can do some shopping and pack. We set off on Easter Sunday and we'll be travelling back on Tuesday morning. I'm hoping for plenty of knitting time over those couple of days.

Next comes a visit to my Mum and Dad and a visit to my good friend. My friend is my latest project. She's a new knitter. At the moment she loves knitting scarfs out of that frilly yarn that knits up quickly into shiny scarfs. I'm trying to convince her to enhance her stash with yarn that's seen a sheep at some point! To that end we're going to visit Black Sheep Wools it's entirely possible I could enhance my stash too! Eek!

I'm aiming to be home late on Wednesday to chill at home and celebrate the other half's birthday on Thursday.

On to crafty things

WIP's - no surprises, but this week has seen me mostly working on the Evenstar border. I've had a panic on. I'm using the circular I used to knit the shawl and a DPN to work the border. I noticed that the stitches along the edge of the shawl were starting to look fluffy through the handling they were getting as I worked the border back and forth. So to solve this my beautiful shawl is living in an unattractive food bag! I'm actually knitting the border with the circular and the body of the shawl in the bag to reduce the friction on the stitches.

It seems to be working, the stitches aren't felting and I'm feeling happier about the whole thing. It's taken me 8 days to get halfway around the border, and I'm hoping that now I'm off for a week I can get the second half done in the 5 days I have left until I visit my Mum! Wish me luck. 

As for other crafty adventures, there have been none! I'm giving my whole heart to the Evenstar. I'm dreaming of knitting other things though. I'm desperate to cast on Drizzle. It's a fab pattern and I'm excited to cast it on, you never know, if I get my finger out I could start it before I blog next. The only problem is that I haven't got any sport weight yarn in stash! Ah well, there's a good reason to go shopping if ever I saw one!
So here I am on Easter Saturday and it's becoming increasingly more likely that I'm going to run out of beads for the Evenstar.  I think I've got enough for another 12 more repeats.  As of tonight I've got another 23 repeats to go. So it's now a done deal that I'm not going to get this done in time for my visit to my mum's next week.  I've more beads on order, so it will be finished, but sadly I can't mee the deadline.
I'm starting to think about packing now for my trip.  The knitting bag is sorted.  It contains the Evenstar (obviously), the Ullwater shawl (in the vain hope I get closer to casting it off!), the Inspira shawl, my own sock design and a ball of yarn that's yet to be caked and yet to have a pattern picked for it.  I'm hoping that this is sufficient to keep my attention while I'm away from home.
Spinning -
Oh how I long to spin! I'm thinking that just a few minutes tonight won't make that much difference to my Evenstar progress. In my heart of hearts, I know that if I start, I won't want to stop tonight.  Tomorrow I'll feel bad about it!
Goals for next week -
Well, I was aiming to finish the Evenstar, but now the beads have effectively run out, I'm aiming to go as far as I can. After that, I suppose the Ullswater is next on my hit list as it's the nearest to completion of all my languishing WIP's!
Have a lovely Easter guys