Friday, 7 June 2013

A weekend away.

Morning! Today is Friday. I'm hoping that today is a good day. In an hour or so, I'm giving my boy away. Sob! He's going on a residential trip to London. He'll be away until Tuesday evening. He's done residentials before and thoroughly enjoyed them, but he's never been this far away. He's not been away over the weekend either. It's not seemed so bad before as I've been at work while he's been away which has taken my mind off it. This time it will be the weekend, and I'll have all my time to myself.

So to combat this, I've booked a hotel for my partner and myself on Saturday. We're going to have a trip to Bowness-on-Windermere. I can't wait

My plan for this week's blog is a diary of my trip. So I'll update this entry as we go! I may have to wait until Sunday to add photos, so bear with me!

Have a great knitty week and I'll check back in with you guys soon

Friday evening -

Well, today was an odd day; so quiet at work. I think the sunshine makes everyone feel well! I dropped Ben off at school, he was so excited. I was talking tone of his teachers, turned around to say goodbye and he'd gone! On the bus ready to go! Harrumph!

Packed and ready for the off!
Aaarrrggghhhh!!!  This is my second attemp at writing an update. Fingers crossed this time!

Saturday - 

I had a few jobs to do in town, so once they were complete I started to pack. Now, when I pack for a trip, I normally spend a few days writing a list of all the things needed. Once they're packed they get crossed off the list. I know this is a little anal, but this way nothing gets left behind. This time I didn't write a list, it just over night! What can go wrong? Erm, well I forgot Matthew's undies, his deodorant and cotton buds! Oops. But still, after dropping the dog off at Nana's we headed for Windermere via the  Kirkstone Pass. It's a stunning road to drive, if a little nerve racking in places, on a sunny day the trip was amazing. I wanted to stop to take pictures, but it seemed so did most of the tourists! 

We arrived at our hotel and checked into the room. We stayed at The Belsfield Hotel  which has stunning views over the lake. Our room did not, but at least we could keep an eye on the car! Once we had unpacked we decided to go out to find the bits and bobs I'd forgotten and get some lunch. We 
walked from the middle of Bowness to Windermere to have lunch at Lakeland. The walk took us about 
an hour and in the blistering heat up hill, it was a good walk! We had lunch in the cafe above the shop. The food is great. The shop is full of all sorts of nik-naks you  never knew you needed. I was very restrained and didn't buy anything! Get me!?

Back at the hotel, we relaxed in the pool and kicked back until it was time for dinner.  The view from the top lawn was great

Even the table decorations where lovely

After a lovely meal we had a few drinks in the bar. Matthew read his magazine and I attempted to reclaim the yarn from a cashmere sweater. It didn't go well, the yarn keeps snapping as I unravel it. I'm going to persevere, but I'm not sure now if it will cope with being washed and re-used. We'll see.  

This morning we ate breakfast. I had the best seat in the house. The view out of the window was stunning and I could people watch the whole of the restaurant. Happy days!