Sunday, 9 June 2013

One dog walk. Miriad colours

This is inspired by Mel of Singlehandedknits. These colours make me want to dye! Now I'll start by saying I'm no botanist! So if I get plant names wrong, please forgive me. It's the colours that caught my eye not the species.

 Deep saturated pink of the rhodedenron
 I love the whites and creams of this elderflower against the dark green leaves. If you look really closely the stamens are yellow at the tips
 I think the dark red russet leaves are beech. I could be wrong! But the contrast of the reds against the greens makes my soul sing
 I have no idea what these gorgeous little purple flowers are, but their deep saturated colour next to the vibrant yellow of the buttercups and the greens of the foliage is devine
 Buttercups? Love the yellow
 We're well into June and there are still bluebells. They're starting to look sorry now, but they're still here
 Their colours are bleached with time.
 I love the new green of evergreen growth
 It's such a bright new green
 Love pansies, the bright yellow centre, dark brown/red through to a bright red edge. Fabulous
 This is a hawthorn
 There are two different types on our lane. This is the white one, I love their delicate flowers
 Bob found it a bit warm in the sun, so now he's just chillin' in the shade
 It was the shapes rather than the colours here. A star burst of new leaves
The lane. White flowers, green grasses, pink hawthorn, blue sky, little white fluffy clouds 
 This is the pink version of the hawthorn. I don't know what difference there is in the bushes, but this is my favourite
 These flowers are gorgeous, I love the yellow centre, and the white and pink petals
 Even the humble dandilion caught my eye, it's delicate white seeds against the green grass
 While this is fauna based rather than flora, it winked at me! The wind was just lifting the feather making it glisten blue in the sun. Obviously this is lost in the photo, but I felt the need to put it in none the less
 Haven't got a scoobies what this plant is, but it's peach petals are great even if they are on the turn
 Now this I know, hosta! I love the shape of the leaves as well as the greens
 More contrasting shades of red, green, and blue
 This is a quince bush, I think this shade of red is great against the green of it's leaves and the brown of the fence it's growing up
 This is rosemary flowering. I love the palest lilac colour
And finally the gorgeous black and tan of one very hot dog!
Thanks guys.
Normal programming should return next week!
Ellen x