Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Holidays week one

Day One - 
I woke this morning to the sound of water trickling into our collection butts. This can mean only one thing - precipitation. There's lots of it falling from the skies. Right now I'm feeling really rather cheesed off. For the last four weeks the weather has been glorious. Stinking hot, barely a breath of wind and now I look out of my window and I can barely see Penrith because the rain is so heavy. Come on God(s) give me  a break!

I'm waiting for the boys to surface so I can put the washing machine on. The fact I'm going to have to use the drier grates on me somewhat. But while I wait I'm spinning. Just a smidgin of the black merino left. 

Night time now. All hail the met office. I checked out their app and discovered the rain was due to stop about the same time as my machine finished! So 2 loads of washing done and dried. Ironed!? Don't be silly. 
Today has been a cleaning day. I'm battling with the dust from the work Matthew's doing on the house. I think I'm just moving it around to be honest. In my down time I've worked on the merino on my wheel. I've finished the black and started the silver. 
I've also knitted. I'm trying to be a good girl honest!! I've set myself down and made myself knit on Jeans's scarf. Just knuckling down and working for a solid hour has paid dividends. It's growing! I need to continue with this focus and try to get it done this week so that I can get it blocked for her birthday next week. As a reward for being good I've also worked on Neil's socks. I'm constantly marvelling at how huge they are! 

I've spent a great evening catching up with my podcasting pals and reflecting on how lucky I am to have such a lovely group of people in my life. 

Day Two - more rain this morning. It seems to have passed through quickly though. 
I have spent the hour or so before everyone go up watching podcasts and working on the scarf. I loved listening to Mel, Laura and Leslie talk about SSK so animatedly. Everyone seems to have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure there are knitting retreats in the UK, but I can't justify the money and time away from home to go to one. One day, I'm promising myself, one day. 

So, this day is set to be more housework, and I'm taking the kids to the cinema this afternoon. We're going to watch Dispicable Me 2. I've only just watched the first one and loved it. I'm looking forward to seeing this one. I'll take my sock knitting to work on while I'm there. 

Evening time now. I've still not got my kitchen back as the floor still isn't walkable-on! Matthew has laid an American black walnut parquet floor. Is been sanded and oiled, and now I'm waiting for that oil to sink in or dry so that I can work in there again. So far this week I've got a Chinese takeaway in and a pizza. We can't live on take out much longer. I'm sure the boys would be delighted, but my purse and inner happiness are less amused. 

Today I wrestled with a tent. Why you may ask, when we invented hotels am I pitting my muscle and intelligence against a stupid piece of canvas? Well, the boys want to play in it. So I pitched the tent and they've been fighting wars and untold menace ever since. Despite the expletives uttered putting it up (and my creative use of multiple swear words in unusual combinations was something else I can tell you! ) I think it was worth it just to get them away from the Xbox! 

After the tent fiasco I set about the house again. I made some progress, but not a great deal. Then I promised the boys a visit to the cinema. I thought we'd see despicable me. I was wrong. I messed up the timings so we wound up watching Pacific Rim. A bizarre mix of transformers and alien. The kids seemed to enjoy it and I got almost a whole leg worked on Neil's sock! A successful day I think. 

Day Three - 

Woke this morning and the sun is shining! Praise be! Today I get my kitchen back. This morning will involve a deep clean and then I can feel a lasagne coming on. Nom nom. This afternoon wer're off the a local bird of prey centre to watch a display then have tea and scones. Very civilised. Again, I've had a good hour and a half to work on the scarf. I probably won't get to knit again until this evening, but I'm signing up now to work upon it exclusively tonight. I really have to motor now if I have any chance of getting it done on time. Last night I faffed  about on line all night. I'm sure I lost 2 hours on Ravelry! Must not look at electronic devices. Must only look at needles! 

Off to get the day started. 

So, here I am winding down in bed. The bird of prey display was great.
 Shame of it was that it rained. A lot. And did I bring coats? No! In my defence the sun was shining when we left. I'll definitely go back. There was so much we didn't see because we holed up in the tea room and ate scones and drank tea. A wonderful afternoon despite the weather. On the knitting front I have made some progress on the scarf. I have been a good girl and worked exclusively on it. I did a fair amount this morning and then placed a marker at the point I have deemed to be half way. I've placed a second one where I finished tonight. I'm hoping that seeing how far I've come will spur me on. 6 days to go until 'B-day' and counting

Day Four - oh my gosh! Horrible sinking feeling. I worked for and hour and a half this morning on the scarf and produced 3 inches. I think the second half needs to be 27 inches before I work the edging! I need to get motoring! In a BIG way! 

Evening time.
 Carpet - check. Dining table - fail. Mantle clock - fail. Knitting - check! I've motored today. My dusting has fallen by the wayside, but the scarf is coming along. By my reconning, I've got about 1/3 of the way to go. Could I manage that tonight? I'm going to have a go. 

Day Five

Up with the larks. The kids have an archery session at 9am. Dear lord that's early! But still got a few rows knitted before we needed to set off and then an hour and a half while they shoot stuff! 
The borrowed child is in the foreground. Mine is behind. 

Well today was a day of resignation. I'm not nearly as close to finishing as I'd thought. There's no way on god's green earth the scarf is long enough. I'd hoped to finish before I go away. Now, I'll be lucky to finish on time. I'm thinking happy thoughts. 

Day Six -

Going to pretty much the same as before. Knitting, entertaining, cooking, etc. I think we may have Peter's mum coming tonight. Will be nice to sit and chat. But for now, it's back to the glory that is the scarf. 

Has been a busy day. I've deep cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and dyed my hair (and most if the rest of me too!) I've taken the boys to a fun session at the pool. I sat up in the viewing area and knit while biting my tongue. So many awful strokes so little time! 

I made a delightful chicken lasagne even though I say it myself. I do make Desperate Dan portions, so half of it is now in MIL's fridge for her to finish it. 

Have worked my tripe out on her scarf. Still not quite at the point I can out the edging on. I must confess to giving in and casting on Makai. I'm going to reward myself with it again when I feel I've worked enough on the scarf. 

Day Seven -

Today will be a busy day. I need to pack up the borrowed child ready for him to leave, I need to pack us up ready for our trip to York, oh and I need to pack the dog ready for his stay at Nana's. Such fun. I'm hoping stress levels remain low, but I know in my heart they may start to creep up soon!

So I'll publish this now. I'll start week Two in your tonight. Excited!
Bizarre excited face - NOT constipated! Although I can see how you'd be confused!!

On the horizon -
More scarf
Some Makai
Some spindle spinning 
Lots of fun in York
Lots of fun for MIL's birthday (she WILL be wearing that scarf!!!!)
My birthday! Which will probably involve washing from our holidays! 

Have a great week folks