Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear lord in all creation its been a warm week. By warm, I mean it's been a steady 30 degrees in work all week. By Friday I was fit to drop. We're just not geared up to deal with heat in the UK. It happens so infrequently!

On the home front Ben has finished school for the year. Next year is his last one in primary school. He's very excited to go into year 6. He's going to be the captain of his house. He's been in Blue House since his first year, and now he gets to lead his house in all their endeavours. Could I burst with pride !?  Hell yes!

In my life, it's been quiet. I'm desperately looking forward to my holiday which starts next weekend. I have 2 weeks off. The first week sees me looking after a friend's kid, and the second sees my mother in law's birthday and mine. Jean (MIL) reaches a noughty birthday this year and has chosen to take us all  out for a lovely meal to a local restaurant. I can't wait! Nothing is planned for my birthday, but needless to say Nunoco has produced some gorgeous batts recently and I'm hoping to find some landing on my doormat soon! Fingers crossed for me guys!

Feeling the love this week -

Jean's bag is finished. I've run it through the machine 3 times, I think it could do with another. I shall give it another go I think. 

Finishing the bag left me with just her scarf and Wisteria on the needles and in all honesty, I didn't really want to work on either, so I cast on another sock. 

I'm using Regia Alaska Color and 3.25mm needles. They're huge! I'm making them for a friend's husband and his feet a massive! Thankfully it's quite a thick yarn so it's knitting up quite quickly. I'm using a ancillary pattern I made up. Nothing flash.

I've also cast on a shawl. Is called Florelei. It's knitting up quite nicely. I'm using Louisa Harding Grace hand painted wool. Is devine. It's 50% merino and 50% silk. 

I'm worried that some of the pattern will be lost with the colour variation in the yarn. But with a good block it may all come right in the end. This is going in the Christmas gift drawer. 

Jean's scarf did see some progress. Not a lot, and definitely it enough, but some! 

On the spinning front, I haven't touched my wheel all week. I've been feeling really rather poorly. It is just a cold, but dear me, it hit me hard. 
I've been spinning on my new baby. It's a Turkish spindle and it spins beautifully. I was looking through my phatfiber box from October last year and found a Nunoco sample I didn't even know was there! It's a sample of iridescent puddle. Mmmmmm love it! I can feel another purchase coming on! 

On the horizon - 
I really have to knuckle down and get Jean's scarf done!  I'll work on Neil's socks, and on the shawl. I'll finish the Nunoco sample on the Turkishand get it plied hopefully. I should really get a wiggle on and spin the black merino on the wheel. My main focus is to get back to posting on the Tour de Fleece boards. I've just not had the energy this week. 

So, I'll see you next week guys

Sorry about the lack of hyperlinks. I'm using the blogger app this week and it seems hyperlinks can't be inserted! Harrumph