Sunday, 25 August 2013

OH!!! MY!!!!!!! BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed, I shall repeat! Oh! My! God!! Last week I tweeted a link to my blog. I share the link on twitter, Facebook, plurk etc to spread the word it's up. Last week my tweet was retweeted by a REAL blogger and all round good egg! As a result, oodles of people read my blog!

To everyone who reads this I thank you for taking the time to check in and see what I've been up to all week. If just a few of the page views from last week happen again this week, I'll be over the moon!

It's been an odd kind of week at work, I've been waiting for mania to start. It's like having the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. My regular second pharmacist is off and there's a bank holiday this weekend I was convinced that it was going to be mad busy. As it was, it's been busy, but not ridiculously so. Towards the end of the working week it became apparent that some evil swine has infected me! AGAIN! It can only be a month since my last cold. I usually brag about my immune system of steel, but right now it seems to have deserted me! So I'm sitting on the sofa feeling more than a tad sorry for myself!

On a brighter note I want to thank a very special person for a parcel that arrived recently. A while ago I won a project bag from Mel's Singlehandedknits Blog. Her very talented mum makes them, you know and I can't recommend this bag enough! Her shop is "sew buttons on ice cream" I can't find where it's hosted right now, but as soon as I find it I'll link it properly.
Octopi and Makai. I love the pocket!
Feeling the love this week -

I cast on a Drizzle hat and finished it! It's a lovely knit, the lace panel gives just enough challenge to keep your mind occupied, but not too much that you have to concentrate hard on it.  It got many admiring glances at work while I knit on it, I have a funny feeling that there may be requests for hats coming soon.

Just cast off, will try for a better photo once it's blocked and dry
Also this week I've been working on Makai. I'm really motoring on it now. I'm going to have it as my "out and about" project now because...... wait for it!........ I've picked up the Wisteria jumper again! 

I know! Get me!  You may be wondering what prompted this sudden interest in the WIP from hell.  Mel over at SingleHandedKnits is hosting a KAL. Not your usual KAL mind you! This is Mel after all. You knit whatever you like with a buddy.  My buddy is over in the USA and she needs to get a jumper done in time for Rhinebeck, she's a lean mean stockinette machine. I'm there to cheer her on, and she's there for me when I get in a stockinette funk!

I've made some good progress yesterday, I'm down to the waist shaping. Knitting a jumper for a girl my size is an epic undertaking. I'd like to say that it motivated me to get back on the diet, but so far it hasn't! 

Gosh darn it! Photo won't rotate! You'll have to crick your necks!

I've spun too this week, just a little. Knitting has been my obsession this week. I'm making steady progress with the Nunoco tops. When I started the project, I split the top in half just by putting the 2 ends together and pulling the top apart at the middle of its length. I was originally going to spin each half from end to end and ply the singles together. As I'm spinning the first half, the colours are being lost somewhat and I'm getting a highly variegated single. It's nice, and I like it, but I'd like to see more of the beautiful colours in the top coming through, so I'll spin the second single fractally and hopefully when the 2 are plied together the colours should shine

Can you see the green's and red's in the top?

On the horizon -

Next week I'll work on Makai in my lunch breaks and while I'm out and about, and Wisteria will feel the love of an evening. Once my buddy and I finish our jumpers we'll work on some socks together. I've got Neil's socks to finish, and then I fancy making a patterned pair for me. Any suggestions on patterns? 

I'll also spin, I'm going to take my time on this because I want it to be perfect. The person I'm spinning it for deserves nothing less.

Have a great week guys, and thank you all for checking in with me this week. See you next week!
Happy knitting!

Ellen x