Sunday, 3 November 2013

Half Term Capers

I've decided I need to go back to work for a rest. This week has been none stop. 

Week in review - 
Monday was an odd kind of day. Our electricity supplier needed to turn off the electricity to do some maintenance on our sub-station. It was supposed to be off for 2 hours from 1 to 3 o'clock. This in itself would have been fine, but I borrowed Ben's best friend for 2 days and two 10 year olds with no electricity is horrendous. I've seen heroin addicts withdraw and be happier!!! Honestly!! You'd think their world had come crashing down. To make matters worse, the weather was awful. And then the power didn't come back in until gone 4 o'clock!!! Disaster!!! 

Tuesday was a bitty kind of day and essentially I achieved nothing!!  I did make knit night though, I had a great couple of hours chatting. 

Wednesday saw Ben and I travel over to the north east to visit Beamish. Beamish is an open air museum which shows the history if the north. There are lots of living exhibits. There is a pit, a school house, a farm, a Georgian manor house, and shops. The staff all dress in period costume and will tell you what it's like to live in Victorian England. It's a great day out. We ended the day by staying at a hotel. It was a small country hotel, the decor was a bit tired, but I can't fault the staff and the food was lovely. 

 On Thursday Ben I went home. We set off early because my mum and dad where traveling up to visit us. We had a nice time catching up. 

Friday was a really busy day. I had housework to do before I packed for our family trip to Hull. We went to visit friends. We don't get over to them very often, so it's good to spend time with them. It was an epic journey. Ben and I set off at 1:45 to pick Matthew up from Uni in Preston. From there we travelled over to Hull. We arrived at 6pm. Phew. I did get quite a bit of knitting done though. Well, until it went dark anyway. 

Today (Sunday) we went for a walk down by the river Humber. It was so windy! I can assure you there are no cobwebs within a 10 mile radius! 

This weekend we've all just chilled and chatted. Good food, good booze, good company. What more can you ask for?!

Feeling the love - 

This week I've finished spinning some Numoco fibre on my Turkish spindle. It was a batt dropping from my smorgasbord box. The colour way is Autumn Sky and it's a blend of merino, soy, and silk. Yummy. I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it. I put it to the Nunoco group. I asked them to vote. Either I could leave it as a single, fulled; I could 2 ply it from the cop; or I could chain ply it. Each option has its pro's and con's. Would the single felt enough with all the added extras in the blend? Would I make a hash of plying from a centre pull ball (I have done this on more than one occasion)? Chain plying would preserve the colour changes but I'd lose a lot of yardage. So I left the decision to the majority, and they said I should 2 ply it. And so I did - 

I got 90 yards and while plying I realised I'd done a really bad job of spinning the single. It was very thick and thin. Gutted. But it plied up into a lovely little skein. Soft and squishy

On the knitting front I've mainly been working on the hitchhiker. It's finished now. 

This photo washes the colours out. My hike was a little longer than Martina's. I got 52 points. I could possibly worked another repeat, but I was bothered I'd run out of yarn. It needs to have the ends woven in and a gentle blocking. 

I finished the hitchhiker yesterday so I started working on Sophie's ballet wrap. The further I work on it, the more convinced I become it won't fit. So I tried it on Kitty. Ta da!! It seems Kitty will be getting a ballet wrap for Christmas!! And I'll be going back to my LYS for more pink yarn!! 

On the Horizon - 
I'm now spinning my batt from Monica48. It's lovely. I'll continue to spin it up this week. 

I'm still working on Kitty's ballet wrap. 

When I packed to come away this weekend I realised that my sock drawer is sadly lacking hand knit socks, so I'll cast on a new pair for me. I can't remember the last time I knit sock for me!!

So, have a great week guys. 
I'll see you on the flip side.