Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter is upon us

Week in Review

It's been a cold one. There's snow on them thar hills! 

There has been little to share with you that's not knitting related. I've worked, I've taught and I've slept. There has been other bits and bobs, but none that you want to know I'm sure! 

One thing that did happen was the arrival of the latest Pom Pom Quarterly magazine. Once again the editorial team have done a great job. The photography is stunning, the projects are inspirational and the mix of knitting, crochet and cookery is unique. I tried in vain to eek out this edition. I wanted to make it last as long as I could. It didn't work. I sat down with a brew and read every word in one wonderful evening. 
My next pair of sock may well be the Silver Birch by Louise Tilbrook

Feeling the love - 

I've been a bad girl. I'm sorry. I know I should be working on Christmas gift knitting, but I cast on a sock instead. It's been great. It's ages since I worked on a sock and I realise now how much I've missed knitting them. Their almost instant gratification is addictive. 
I'm already onto the heel of the second sock

I'm doing a 64 stitch vanilla sock, using Opal sock yarn in the star anise colour way. This is my first time using the Fish lips kiss heel It is a thing of simple beauty. I can't recommend this heel highly enough. For $1 you get not only the heel pattern, but you get the recipe for socks that fit.... every time. If you're a sock knitter, you have to try this pattern. It's a revelation. 

Aaaaannnnnddddd that's all for the knitting!  I know! It's a bit pants! But it is a sock and a half in a week. And that's not too shabby..... right?!

On the spinning front I've worked a little on a braid from deep stash.

 It's polwarth from Dyespinknit in the One Year Older colour way. Considering it's been in stash for 2 years it's spinning up a dream. I'm using my Turkish spindle that I managed to break when I plied the Autumn Sky single from Nunoco. I took the shaft out of the cop and tried to take the arms out when I heard a crack. I broke the thinner of the 2 arms. But i was a girl guide (briefly!) and I've fixed it. Super glue and cotton thread can fix a multitude of problems. The shaft doesn't fit as far in to the arms as it used to, but it still spins well so all is not lost. My plan is to make a 4ply. Stupidly I didn't think on to split the fibre into 4, so I'll fill the spindle four times and hope for the best! 

On the horizon - 

I'd like to get the star anise socks done by knit night. 

I REALLY should work on the ballet wrap!

I'll spin on my wheel and spindle 

Will I cast on those silver birch socks? Probably!

Have a great week guys!