Sunday, 9 February 2014

I need a lottery win.

I do!

I've far too many things to do, but I have to work!  It's getting in the way of my creative mojo.

Week in review. 

This week I have mostly been wrestling with migraines. Again. I am unamused. I've had one everyday since Wednesday.  This can't be right. I'm going to haves my eyes tested this week I hope to rule that out, then I'll ask the quack. Once upon a time I'd have one in a blue moon, this is rediculous

Before my week was taken over by headaches I went to knit night. It was a great night, there was just 4 of us this week so it was a cozy group chatting and putting the world right!  

Feeling the love - 

My WIP list grows...... I know! I know! I know! But I want to knit all the things, and I don't have time to finish them all. 

This week at knit night I worked on Marion's socks. I'm knitting them out of my hand dyed sock yarn. I'm excited by how they're knitting up. I love how the frequency of the colour splashes is increasing as I get into the cake. I can't wait to turn the heel and see how the leg works up. 

I've also been studying this week. I've been swatching like a good 'un. I'm studying with Mel from SingleHandedKnits who is convinced she can turn someone like me, who is violently allergic to swatching, into someone like her who speaks fluent 'Swatchese'! 

She's an amazing tutor. Her passion for her subject oozes from the page and is infectious when you listen to her speak. 

I can't recommend this course enough. If you're out there thinking "swatching? Ptchar! Swatching is for Jessies!" I'd give it a go. There's more to it than meets the eye!

This is the biggest swatch I've ever knitted and I haven't finished with it yet! I'm going to finish the ball and see where the course takes me and my swatch. 

I've also been working on a Drizzle hat for Jean, my mother in law (ish). She asked me for a hat at the end of last year and I promised her a Drizzle. I rustled her up a quick bulky beanie, but it's a smudge too big and so I've been powering through a Drizzle for her

Sorry guys, lord knows where the focus is on that photo! I'm not taking it again though! You'll have to squint and pretend it's ok!!

I'm about half way through the lace section, and then for speed I'm going to stick to stockinette. I remember when I knit mine, I had to concentrate when I worked the crown decrease in pattern. Jean needs her hat yesterday, so good old stockinette it is. 

I had a bit of a strop on Thursday. It had been a particularly painful day in the head department and when I got tome I took a tablet. These tablets make me feel a bit waffy which I why I don't take them at work. So after tea I snuggled into my sofa, it was chilly in the house - I looked for my blanket. 
Now here's the thing.  
Once upon I time I learnt to crochet. I crocheted large granny squares and made them into a blanket. I got utterly bored of making 12" squares and vowed I wouldn't do that again anytime soon. Ben said he'd like a blanket like mine. I gave him mine and set about making my log cabin blanket.
How was it then, that after making 2 blankets, I was sat on Thursday night with no blanket while Matthew and Ben had one each!?  

Clearly we need to be a 3 blanket household. 

I'm using up Aran weight yarn I have in stock.  Right now it looks quite good with the dusty green and blue, but shortly I'll be adding in a purple that I don't think will go, but meh! It's just for my house, so I'm not fussed. 

The reason for this week's title will soon become apparent. There's a new pattern being released on Monday. I must have it NOW!! 

 I have to wear Hana Hou now!

Since it's been posted on Ravelry I've been trawling the internet for yarn. Sport weight yarn is tricky here. It's not something that's readily available in the UK. And being the tight wad I am, I'm disinclined to spend yarn money on postage and import duty! 

So I had a cunning plan. I'd use an Aran weight. The decreased stitch count will give me more ease as I'm a big girl and I want this to be a snugly cardie. You know, like the photos! Granted, it would take two of the model to make one of me, but with some jiggery pokery I can make this work. Yes? 

If when I swatch the Aran (I know! Get me?! Girly swot!) I don't like the fabric I do have some sport weight in stock. I didn't realise it was a sport until I was messing with the yarn. 

It's lambs wool it bought to dye up. When I was with Marion I dyed up 2 skeins and love the results. Snag is I'm not sure how repeatable they are. I put two 100g skeins into a bath which contained the remains of a couple of dying experiments. I know it's my purple dye, but I've no idea how much was in there. I've ordered 500g more, so I figure when it arrives I'll dye up the other 3 skeins I have left with the new batch and I'll have enough for my project. While I'm waiting for the time to get that done (pesky work!) I'll use the dyed skeins I have to swatch *faints with pride*!

With any luck I can get similar results with the next batch. 

On the horizon. 

I'll mostly be working. :-(

When I'm not doing that I'll be trying to keep up with my studies, I have to get Jean's hat done, and I want to work on the blanket and Marion's socks. 

What I REALLY want to be doing though is swatching for my Hana Hou. 

Hope you all have a great week. 

Ellen x