Sunday, 16 February 2014

I've only gone and done it!

Morning folks!

Today, finally, I've woken to blue skies and bird song! What a difference it makes to the day. 

Week in review. 

Weather wise it's been a complete fail. We've had continuous wind and rain. Sideways sleet was a particular treat! It seems so long ago now as I look out of the living room window at the gorgeous blue sky this morning. 

On Tuesday we had the worst wind I've ever experienced. It's actually shifted the chimney on the roof. I suppose Matthew will have to shin up there and take a look at it before too long. 

My mum and dad where supposed to sail off on a cruise from Southampton on Wednesday. He rang me yesterday saying they where hoping to set off that afternoon. I have the distinct impression it's going to be a lumpy trip. 

Feeling the love - 

I finished Jean's Drizzle hat on Monday. I'm pleased with it. I worked it on a size smaller needle to make it a bit smaller. I concidered moving down a size in the pattern, but when I looked at my hat it's quite a loose slouchy fabric and I thought Jean would prefer something with a bit more structure about it

I also finished the first of Marion's socks. I love the way the colour has become more pronounced as I worked up the leg. I cast on the other toe and I'm now beetling my way towards the heel turn. I should really be concentrating on this sock, but my attention is being diverted by the urge to cast on the matching wrist warmer. I'm going to make up a new pattern. When I searched Ravelry I couldn't find what it was looking for. The creative juice are distracting!

I've also worked on my blanket. It's big enough to snuggle under while I work on it. I think it will be the project I take to knit night for a while. That way it will keep me warm while we chat. 

The rest of my crafting time has been spent swatching. I must confess that my SLYMI class has not felt the love this week. I've been focused on the Hana Hou cardie. I thought the yarn I dyed would be a perfect match but I've struggled with my guage. I've knit 3 swatches now on 3 different needle sizes the first one was just a basic swatch, no frills. I realised my stitch and row count was completely off so I ripped out and went up 0.5mm. This was my most epic swatch ever. I practiced my alternating skeins, I practiced my armhole decrease, my pattern band pick up and the cuff. It was at this point I discovered my stitch count was still way off. Normally I'd have cried, spit my dummy and decided I could not do it. This time though, I thought that I'd learned loads from this swatch, ripped it out and went up another 0.5mm. My stitch count is now bang on where I want it to be, the rows are off, but I'm happy with that. I can measure as I go, that problem is easily fixed.

The thing I'm most excited/nervous about is my new shop! I sucked it up, stopped pontificating and put the sock yarn I dyed up into a shop on Etsy. The shop is called KnitToStaySane. So far there is only the one item there. My violent violet sock yarn. If you fancy some, go snap it up!  I appreciate all constructive feedback. 

So at this point I'm going to publish this blog, have some breakfast, finish the housework, walk the dog snd get some knitting done. 

Have a great week

Ellen. X