Sunday, 15 September 2013

And the Winner Is........

Good morning all!!!

This week's blog has a video embedded if I can get the technology to work for me! I've drawn a winner of the batt I had up for grabs on the Knit to stay sane Ravelry Group.

Week in review -

This week has mostly been a wet one! The weather has definitely turned now, there's a distinct Autumnal feel about the place. Today I look out of the window at the Pennines and the sky is full of clouds heavy with rain. We have gales forecast for today too. 

Swim Club has started back too, so I'm back to coaching 5 sessions a week.  In an attempt to shift a few of the many pounds I need to lose I'm swimming too.  So far this week I have swum 10km. I'm hoping that once this blog is written the pool will be open and I can go add another 2km to my total for the week.  I've been a little disappointed to though, I've eaten nothing but dust and bird food and yet I've still managed to put on 2lb. Gutted. I'll keep chipping away though, hopefully I'll see the rewards I'm looking for soon.

Feeling the Love -
I have an FO!!!! Neil's socks are finished and it was close I can tell you! I had a couple of yards left once I cast off. I really must get away from this knitting to the last inch, it's not good for my nerves you know!

Wisteria has also seen a lot of action this week, I've almost finished.  I'm onto the final few patterned inches of the second sleeve. I'm so excited to get this project done. I've tried it on and it fits a treat. I love the length of the sleeves. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it this year.

On the Horizon -

Now the socks are finished I'll work on  Sue's Journey as my mobile project. I'm also going to work on my Pink Forelei shawl at home.

New projects coming up soon include 2 ballet wraps and a gorgeous cardigan for me from pompom quarterly magazine

I hope desperately to spin this week, I've missed it. I felt that I should really get the big projects I'd committed to finished, so I felt guilty about spinning. This yarn is for a good person, and I don't want to spin bad vibes into it!

And so to the video - hope you have a good week all

Until next time
Ellen x