Sunday, 22 June 2014


Hello there guys.

It's been two weeks, sorry about that! Trying to get any 'me' time has been nigh impossible recently.

The week before last week Ben was on residential with school in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. He arrived home on Friday night tired and happy. He had had a good week, and had done many fun things. The one thing he was most excited about was downhill mountain biking. He loved it! I'm just glad I hadn't realised he was doing it, else I would have worried about him breaking bones!

He also completed a high ropes course. I am so proud of him. He has quite bad vertigo, so for him to get round a course 20 feet off the ground is great work!

Last Saturday was a catch up kind of day. The sun shone and washed anything that stayed still long
enough! I was exhausted and happy at the end of the day.

Sunday saw Ben compete in another karate competition. It was a smaller event than his last competition - just between the 3 clubs his sensei runs. It was good experience for him and he enjoyed it. I feel that he did better this time.

Next came a week at work. Nothing exciting, just the usual. Well, until Friday at any rate. Friday was helllish. Thursday I woke up and realised something was brewing. My immune system was gearing up for something big. By Thursday night I knew this wasn't going to be pretty. Come Friday I wanted to curl up into a ball and stop in bed. In my line of work, that isn't an option I'm affraid. So I went to work feeling like death warmed over. I don't think it's flu, but it's one of the worsts colds I've ever had. The day seemed like it would never end.

I should have coached swimming that night, but I decided discretion was the better part of valour and went to bed instead. I knew I had to be functioning on at least one cylinder by Saturday.

Saturday was Diddy League day. The team was off to Kendal in the afternoon to swim what could be the last gala of the season. The team did so well. All of the coaches are so proud of them. We  scored a record 98 points and came third. We've never come third at a Kendal gala yet! So chuffed! We may even reach the finals! Everyone keep everything crosed for us please.

And here we are on Sunday. It's a beautiful day on planet earth. The virus from hell continues to taunt my phagocytes and lymphocytes and I'm sitting on a picnic bench at Kirkbride Airfield just outside Wigton.

I'm a little bit gutted to be honest. Last week when all was well my Dad rang and asked if Ben would like to go flying. So obviously if Ben goes flying, I go flying. Once upon a time I sat in the co-pilot seat and got to have a go. Sadly those days are over and now Ben gets to do that and I sit in the back
and knit!

As it happens one of the delights of this particular infection is a seconday ear infection that's currently brewing, so going up in a light aircraft is probably not the best plan in the world. In my place is Ben's uncle Tony. Now, amongst other things, Tony has a Commercial Balloon Pilot's Licence but has never flown in a light aircraft so he was keen to go. I bet he wanted a chance to get his hands on the yoke, bless!

Still, as I write this he's hopefully taking lots of photos I can include in the blog.

So here I am burning slightly (neglected to bring suncream!) enjoying a brew and a fabulous view. I can hear umpteen birds singing, there are butterflies fluttering around me and a gentle breeze gusting to keep me cool. So far there has been a chipmunk do a touch and run, three microlights have landed and a gyrocopter has taken off for a lesson.

So to the title of this week's blog. It took a while, sorry!

Last Sunday was also the kick off to Camp Aloha Friends. I'm delighted that we're off and running. It's been a gentle introductory week. The overriding theme of camp is to look around you with fresh eyes. Wander around, look and see. 

Feeling the love - 

In the last two weeks I've been knitting my little heart out. 

I've finished the charity full moon socks and they've been won by one of my customers

I also finished the Twisted Limone socks and they've been donated to my MIL. She is a most deserving recipient for hand knit socks.

Also feeling the love this week are my sock yarn blanket and my sun ray shawl. I haven't got new photos yet, but I'll get some for next time. 

While Ben was away he wore the socks I made for him a while back. He liked how they fit so I'm making him a new pair. He chose a ball of Regia in a tonal blue colour. They'll be a plain vanilla sock, nothing fancy. 

On the Horizon - 

Next week is Woolfest. I'm so excited I could burst!! I've got an idea of what I'm looking for and I'm desperate to get stuck in. I can't wait to sit in the main ring and watch the demonstrations while I knit or spin.  I can't wait to meet new folk and people who have travelled from afar. 

On the crafting front, I can't wait to see what Mel has in store for us at camp this week. I'll be 
working on my shawl and blanket and more than likely Ben's socks too. 

Lastly here are my wanderings for the week

Have a lovely week, I'll report back next Sunday.