Sunday, 27 January 2013

Roller-coaster rides are NOT always fun!

I'm a fan of roller-coasters. I love the adrenaline rush, the wind in your hair, that feeling of your stomach rushing towards your throat! However, the roller-coaster of life sometimes leaves me cold.

This week has been nothing short of traumatic. My parents are currently on holiday. All was well until a text from my Dad threw my life into turmoil. My mum was sick. So sick they'd been put off their cruise and she was in a hospital on an island just off the coast of Mexico. I had 2 days of pure hell while she was sedated and ventilated.

All things in my life were put on hold while I juggled worry, panic and the difficulties of a 6 hour time difference.

Things have improved greatly over the week and she's now out of hospital and should hopefully be heading home soon.

Curve balls thrown by life have given me the opportunity to learn too. I've discovered that I can't walk and chew gum! I can't switch off my brain like I always thought I could. I've always turned to my crafting for solace before. But knitting wasn't an option. Lace and stress are not comfortable bed-mates. Spinning, however, offers the ability to occupy the hands in a soothing motion while the brain mulls over the day's happenings.


The list has grown. My itchy cast-on fingers are still not done.

Age of Brass and Steam has received no attention this week. It's my lunchtime knit at work, and I've worked through each day. Not through volume of work, but the desire not to think and get upset!
Evenstar has been worked on and I'm now about a third of the way up the second chart. I have, however, found my first boo-boo. I have some errant yarn over's and I'm sorry, but they're now a design feature as I'm not ripping back to correct it. I haven't put in lifelines thus far, and after tinking back the first round of chart 2 I discovered that my yarn isn't a fan of being overworked. So it stays as is.
Wingspan saw a bit of action and I think I've worked another triangle since last week.
I cast on Poetic Inspira. I'm hooked. It's going to be a thing of beauty! I usually avoid colour work like the plague as I find it tricky to get the tension right, but in the round I'm doing ok. I'm using Rico Designs Superba Poems and it's a joy. I've not used a fingering weight single ply before, and I had concerns about its strength, but it's fine. It's a bit thick and thin in places, but it's knitting up into a beautiful fabric and I'm really happy with it. I spent lots of time perusing the thousand-odd Inspira projects on Ravelry. I found a beautiful example made by knitsandpots. The pattern originally calls for one decrease about half way up. But I liked the way knitsandpots had hers getting narrower towards the neck. She used FeralKnitter's template of 3 decreases. I decided this was the way forward and decided to do the same. Some serious maths was involved as I'm a lot bigger than these ladies, so I've cast on significantly more stitches. Knitsandpots recommended an app called "knit evenly" it is a work of genius! It works out how to evenly space increases or decreases within a row or round. Wonderful!


I started Aunty Diane's SAL this week, but then I saw the Ravelry thread and realised we aren't supposed to start until the beginning of February so I've stopped again! Oops! I hope she'll forgive me.

Next weeks' goals

Next week is going to be flexible. I'm hoping that Mum and Dad will arrive at some point and I'll travel down to visit. I need to go and give her piece of my mind! Frightening us all like that! So, I just would like to get work done on each project. If I can get the one of the shawls nearly finished I'll be happy.
Oh and then there's Mel's KAL! MSkiKnits from the Single Handed Knits podcast has a mystery sweater KAL starting and I've. Bought the pattern. It calls for a worsted weight yarn and I don't have any in stash, so I guess I'll have to go shopping! Ah well! It also means that by next time we speak, I'll have ANOTHER work in progress! Oops!

So, until next time, have fun guys!