Monday, 4 February 2013

Tidy up woman!

What a week!

Work has been hectic! This week saw us going live with a new IT system for prescription retrieval. Without getting bogged down in the politics, it's cost a fortune to develop and when it works, it works well. However, so far it's not worked for 2 out of the 5 days! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

On a more positive note, my Mum has arrived safely home, and I'm looking forward to seeing her later this week.

Today Ben told me that he's learning about the Tudors. They must have been discussing the clothes they wore and how they were made. His teacher spoke of carding and spinning. Ben took great delight in telling his class that I spin. So I've spent some time this evening gathering bits and pieces together so he can show them to his class. So 4 drop spindles, a pair of hand carders and a good deal of fibre that needed pre-drafting later, I've got some goodies for his class to play with.

Down to the crafty stuff!


I have one! My wingspan is finished. Well, it needs blocked and the ends woven in, but I'm having it as an FO!


I think I'm over my bout of castonitis! I love having lots of projects to keep my interest. But having so many things in the needles often leaves me pondering what to work on and I end up getting less done. So, I'm committing to whittling down the sheer numbers of WIP's.

To this end I've made great progress on my Age of Brass and Steam. With some luck and a following wind, I should get it finished this week.

Poetic Inspira has seen a bit of progress but not a whole lot to be honest. I was enjoying the colour changes, but then I found a knot in my colourful skein, and it went from red back to brown. I was looking forward to the next colour, and to begin again, seems to have affected my cowl mojo!

Evenstar saw a good bit of work done, I'm now over half way up chart 2. In my infinite wisdom, I've decided to give it to my mum for her 60th in April. This means I need to get a wiggle on!

I swatched for a mystery KAL which is being hosted by Mel from singlehanded knits. My gauge is a bit wonky. I need to aim for 20 stitches and 26 rows to 4". I'm on 18 stitches and 25 rows on 5mm needles. I could go down a needle size, but I think I'd lose too much drape in the fabric. So here's my thinking. Mel says there's 1" positive ease, my bust measures 46". So I think if I knit a size 44 I should get about the right size. Fingers crossed!


I've finished my first single for Diane's SAL. I'm really happy with it. I've competed one half of the blue fibre, and now I'm spinning the beautiful greens, pinks and yellows! Bliss. I can't wait to ply them together and see the results! Then I'm hoping to repeat the process and end up with 8oz of lace weight 2 ply. What delights could I knit with that?

Goals for next week

Tidying up my WIP's drawer! I'd love to finish the Age of Brass and Steam. Next on my FO hit list is the Inspira cowl. After that I'd like to pick up a couple of WIP's that have been languishing for a while. I've got the 2012 Advent Scarf, and at least one handspun shawl that need finished. Not forgetting my beloved Evenstar. I need to work on that with some urgency.