Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Over Optimistic?

It would seem that my comments last week about Spring having sprung may have been a tad premature! As I write to you I can see fat flakes if snow drifting out of the sky! I hope they don't stick as I have plans this weekend.

We had friends to stay this weekend. My house waschock full of great folk and their offspring. In order for this weekend to go well, the children needed to go outside to play and explore, the big boys needed to play with the car, and the big girls needed to be able to go and play at The Woolclip. I have the pleasure of continuing to enable a new knitter on her journey of fibre-inspired delights!

The weekend was a roaring sucess - the children played as did the boys, and my friend and I had a great time shopping for yarn. Some may have found it's way into my stash, despite my resolution not to buy anything! Ooops

Onto the crafting

FO's -
Nothing to report! Sorry!

WIP's -
Evenstar saw a good amount of work, I've started the third chart and I'm working on the lattice-work, I'm pleased with how it's turning out. I need to get motoring though!
The Ullswater shawl saw no love at all! It didn't even cross my mind!
My Poetic Inspira did see the love though, I've completed the first pattern repeat, and I'm onto the second. I'm starting to dispair about the colourchanges in the contrast colour ball. After the knot issue earlier, it seems to be just brown! :-( I know the colour will change, I can see it in the ball! But when?!? I tire of brown! Hurry up colours!

I cast on a sock at work the other day.  It's going to be my second design. It has a cable-type pattern, but I think I'm going to rip it back. I'd originally made it a cabled rib, but it's taking ages to knit up, and I rather think that if I'm tireing of it, then people are unlikely to want to knit it either! So I'll rip it back this week coming and have another go.

Spinning -
Those eagle eyed among you will realise this is being posted on Tuesday morning, rather than Monday evening. This is because the evening completely escaped me! I decided that I wanted to make serious progress on the Knitabulls SAL, I was onto the second single of the second 4oz, I thought that if I got the singles finished by Tuesday night, I could ply Wednesday and Thursday. Well, I just kept spinning and I've finished the singles and last night started plying! Get me!?! It does, however, mean that today could be a long day as I'm going to be working on about 5 hours sleep and that's not nearly enough!

Goals for next week -
Finish the Knitabulls SAL
Start to spin some beautiful fibre I aquired last week, I'll tell more next time
Work on the Evenstar! Time is pushing on
Work on or maybe (ha ha ha) finish the Ullswater shawl!

Here's hoping for a great week everyone!

What is it with boys and dark dirty holes in the ground!?